How to cure illnesses essentially

I would like to tell how to cure illnesses essentially, based on the wisdom that has been accumulated since ancient times, and latest theory and information, to people who have some diseases and want to be cured, or who are trying to take precautions.

Ancient people found the law of nature

In ancient China, people thought about the four seasons, such as why summer comes after spring or why it is hot in summer and cold in winter. They considered that it depend on, or due to the work of "Qi". So they named it "the Law of Nature" and systematized it.
All creatures and matters, not only human beings, animals, plants, minerals but also microbes, are created by the invisible energy called "Qi", and grow, mature, age, and go back to the unformed energy. And again, they are re-created. This cycle is repeated.

"In nature, we have the four seasons and the five energy transformations, namely, wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. These changes and transformations produce cold, summer heat, dampness, dryness, and wind. The weather, in turn, affects every living creature in the natural world and forms the foundation for birth, growth, maturation, and death under "the Law of Nature." In the human body there are the five organs, namely, liver, heart, spleen, lung, and kidneys. The qi of the five organs forms the five spirits and gives rise to the five different emotions-happiness, anger, sadness, worry or fear, and fright."(The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Medicine)

This Oriental "Law of Nature" was applied to I Ching(Book of Changes), feng shui(geomancy), and so on. Even now we (especially in Japan) apply this law in selection of Chinese characters for one's name, in house physiognomy, palm reading, physiognomy, etccin our daily life. And when we build our houses, it is designed to face south, to take in the energy of sunshine (Yang Qi). When it is Midsummer Day of the Ox in dog days, we eat eels. The custom of celebrating for children of 3,5 and 7 years of ageCand for one's sixtieth, seventieth, 88th birthdayAis based on the Oriental "Law of Nature."

These are all applications of "the Law of Nature", to better use the energy of "Qi" in our daily life, and to remind ourselves of the flow of "Qi" (For example, I should take it easy generally and take more care of myself after sixtieth birthday.), and to live healthily and happily.

"Qi" generates every matter. Therefore "Qi" is the essential source of every matter. So by understanding the law of the flow of "Qi", that is, "the Law of Nature", we can live on with our body and mind healthy and happy.@Ancient Chinese philosophers thought so.

Application for medical field

Oriental medicine thinks about the flow of qi within the body and mind, in relation to the flow of qi within nature.

Spring->East->Wind->Wood->Sourness->Liver->Eyes, Nails, Tendons, Blood in organs->Blue->Anger, Stress->Soul

"With the arrival of spring, the flow of qi comes from the east. The sun rises in the east and brings about the wind. The wind flourishingly produces qi of wood, which produces sour taste, and the sour taste strengthens the liver, and qi of the liver nourishes the sinew (muscles, tendons, joints). Qi of the liver appears in the eyes and nails; it nourishes qi of blood; its color is blue; it produces angry emotions. The liver is the place where the soul is."(The yellow Emperor's Classic of Medicine)

So let us see how to apply the wisdom to patients.
For example, in the case of a patient who has a bad liver, we don't only try to cure the bad liver trouble, but we investigate the source of the disease and why he came to have the liver trouble. When we are angry or feel some stress, the flow of qi in the liver is weakens, the function of the liver is deteriorated. Many other factors, such as changing natural surroundings, environmental contamination, dietary habits, the style of living, fluctuating emotion and the way of thinking also affect the liver. If they impose burden on our mind and body, they tend to adversely affect our livers.

For example, the reason for a bad liver will essentially continue to exist unless one changes one's habit of heavy drinking. Then why does a man drink so much?

For example, he drinks to release his stress from his job as his boss is a stern man and always scolds him. Then, his stress will last forever unless he changes his way of thinking or his attitude when he gets scolded. Even if his liver may be cured by some treatment, his drinking habit to release his stress will only worsen his liver again. What is important for fundamental solution of problems is to change the way of thinking about things.

Human beings thinking their brains, and take action. Our "consciousness" characterizes various events in our lives. Thinking this way, we realize that we disregard "consciousness" when we try to cure diseases.
"The law of Nature" of Oriental Medicine says that "Consciousness" is the essence of "Qi" which creates everything.

Human beings have evolved by applying "the Law of Nature" since ancient times.

As mentioned above, human beings understood "The Law of Nature" even in ancient times, and have since used it to cure disease, to make life better, and to make societies better.
During the last hundreds of years, it has been popular to try to understand "the Law of nature" through natural sciences. Sir Isaac Newton who discovered the law of universal gravitation, Albert Einstein who deduced the principle of relativity, Leonardo da Vinci and other great people discovered many laws of nature, and contributed to human progress.
Those who found laws of nature seem to have first intuitively felt the existence of such laws. Their intuition apparently exceeded reasoning. For example, it is well known that Sir Isaac Newton discovered the law of universal gravitation by intuition, seeing an apple falling when he stood idling under an apple tree.
According to these experiences, new trials to understand "The Law of Nature" using intuition seems to have started in mid-1980s.

Latest " Law of Nature"

The latest study of "the Law of Nature" is being daily promoted at IFUE(The Institute of Form-Undulatory Energy, Ikuro Adachi is a head). Our present society understands "the Law of Nature" and applies it through natural sciences. So they get and collect information intuitively about the law of Nature as scientifically as possible, and studied. Through application of such information, many clinical cases are reported, in which people with difficult disease were cured.
Now I would like to unfold my thoughts in the light of "THE LAW OF UNDULATION" (written by Ikuro Adachi and published by PHP Institute), which has sold 150 thousands copies so far. [Parentheses indicate quotations from the book.

[The essence of all matter is the atomic nucleus, inside of which lie neutron, proton, and electron. Then the fact that neutron is "Consciousness" and proton is "Volition" means that absolutely everything is made up of "Consciousness and Volition." This is also true of the air that we cannot even see. Basically any space where there is air is filled with "Consciousness" and "Volition."]

Every matter on earth is composed of atoms and atoms are composed of neutrons, protons. Then neutron is "Consciousness" itself, and proton is "Volition" itself. It can then be said that our "thought and mind" directly influence each and every matter directly. So if we happen to have unharmonious "Consciousness", it will affect surrounding matters. On the contrary, when we have harmonious "Consciousness", it will harmonize surrounding matters. So what is unharmonious consciousness?

Unharmonious "Consciousness"

[When there is an expansion of the consciousness whose only desire is to keep the body safe, which wants to maintain greater safety only for its own body, its family, its company, its country, its tribe, or "only humans," that consciousness is inharmonious according to "The Law of Nature." Energy is something that flows across everything to harmonize all beings equally and without exception. Consciousness that gives priority to "only humans" is very inharmonious according to the Law of Nature. As long as we act with such consciousness, we always transmit inharmonious wave energy (inharmonious Qi).]

We tend to use CFCs(chlorofluorocarbons) just for convenience and it can destroy ozone-layer. As a result, powerful ultra-violet ray is poured on the earth causing many people to suffer from skin cancer. Excessive consumption of petroleum has caused global warming and a country in the south Pacific even sank into the sea. The fundamental cause of the situations is our "Consciousness" that "everything is alright if only it is beneficial for humans." Human beings have developed various things and promoted civilization based on this "Consciousness". And this has brought about many problems.

The essence of disease

[When a human being has a consciousness that only seeks to satisfy its own desires, its constituent neutrons and protons reach a distorted state and lose their normal forms. So a distorted human consciousness produces germs.]

An eastern wise man described this in another way.
"Man is composed of bones, flesh, blood and skin. But these alone would not have given him life. He has a soul, a spirit, which makes him capable of life as a man.
If so, when you fall ill, can you dispose of it simply as a disease in the body?
Until now, these diseases have been considered in most cases to be caused by physical disorders alone and medical treatment has been applied. But there is an ultimate cause deeper than just bacteria. It is that there is something wrong with the mind, something unnatural and distorted. The distortion of the mind, then, which causes a bodily disease, does not really originate in a man's family frictions and business depression, but rather corresponds exactly with such life environment of his. So the fact is that a disease in the body is a danger signal in which are revealed the dark shadows (unnaturalness) or his life (family or business relation, etc.). The way it is given illustrates admirably the unnatural distortions of his mind."(Toshio Maruyama)

Each of our consciousness produces germs

[Not only that, on Earth, we misunderstand and say that the germs cause diseases. We think germs are "bad." We have the "consciousness" to "fight" and "kill," and hate the germs that we ourselves produce. Basically, the "Consciousness" to "fight" or "kill" itself does not follow the law of nature.
However, as we continue to compete and take from one another, in the end the conscious mind hates the germs that it has produced with its own disharmonized consciousness. The germs that we hate are those that we have produced ourselves; in essence, the germs themselves are not evil, yet we try to kill them by means of disinfections.]

It seems that our "disharmonized conscious mind" and "greed" produce germs and cause diseases. No matter how we cure "diseases" and "disinfect germs", we will not be able to eradicate diseases, unless we change our "disharmonized conscious mind" which produces diseases and germs. After killing germs because "germs are bad," more powerful germs come up and a hospitalized person may die because of in-hospital infection. Such situations seem to be related to the way of human thinking.
It may be possible that we produce new germs and diseases because we doctors cure diseases everyday, believing that our treatment is right.

Disease is a message

[As regards this, the state changes drastically when a person's "conscious mind" undergoes a consciousness shift in a harmonized direction and the frequency (working of Qi) increases more and more when they take in harmonious action. As the neutrons, protons and electrons head in a normal direction, disease disappears.
Those who have diseases, those who have cancer or AIDS, please do not have the "consciousness" to hate, fight or kill them, but instead understand the law of nature and that AIDS, for instance, is something that your "conscious mind" has produced and that the virus is sending you a message right now. And if you have "consciousness" that says, "Thank you for the message," your "conscious mind" will surely undergo a consciousness shift to a harmonious direction. This is the quickest way to cure disease.
That is why having the "Consciousness" to be healthy and live long is personal greed and is not a fundamental solution to disease. To put it simply, the result of harmony is health and long life.]

Disease is a message to let one realize one's distorted way of living or thinking.
If we have gratitude for this message and change our way of living and thinking, the disease will be cured. Therefore, not to pursue curing "diseases", but to divert our "consciousness," which creates diseases, into a harmonious direction, is very important.
But if we wrongly understand that we should have gratitude to "cure disease quickly", it will be a greed to "want to cure." We need to be very careful not to let this situation develop.

Curing diseases by exploring the essence

[The reason why we have come not to "have gratitude for the message of a disease" and cure disease quickly, is that we are not exploring the "essence." For doctors, exploring "essence" to cure diseases will mean they should find out what a human is.
If doctors really seriously deal with the study of "what is a human," then they should view things in essence not from what is disease, but "what is a sick person." The necessary approach is not to cure "disease" but to consider what to do in order for the sick person to return to the original "human" state. But unfortunately, today's doctors treat disease by considering the question, "what is disease?" That is why although cancer may be cured, the person may lose some human aspects. Take anti-cancer drugs, for example. Anti-cancer drugs that distort and destroy even normal cells are meant only for curing cancer. When one looks at disease without looking at the "human" who is the sick person, such things can happen. If the question of what is a human was dealt with straightforwardly, today's medicine would definitely change.

It is important for doctors to explore the essence and realize, "what a human is." When doctors pursue the essence of curing diseases, they should view things essentially not from the standpoint of "what is a disease?" but from "What is a sick person?" And doctors are not expected to cure "disease" but to support sick people in their effort to regain their true essence as human beings. These are the attitudes that will be sought for future medicine, I think.

A child's disease is a message to family

[The fastest way for the disease to be cured is for the child's mother, father, or brothers and sisters to each think seriously why the child got sick and (@) what meaning is being presented in the state of the disease, iAjwhy this sick brother or sister exists, iBjwhat I can learn from the sick child. There are definitely many things to learn from this. If one learns and becomes aware of even one or two of these things, certainly one can become grateful to that sick child. That means one has to "be thankful for the message".
Then, the messages sent through diseases become unnecessary. What that means is that as a phenomenon, the disease begins to be cured. That is the point. Once one become aware of the above (@) to (B) and becomes grateful saying, "Thank you for the message," the disease is really cured. This is certain and the result is definite.
For example, the parents of a child afflicted with an incurable disease say that they have discovered things that they had not been aware of in the daily life of the sick child, and that they have learned much from that. They are grateful to the child from the bottom of their hearts, and the child has already started to recover. Every time they discover such things, they recover.]

In most cases, parents wish to cure child's disease quickly when their child becomes sick because they pity the child. But changing mind and realizing that the child's disease is a message for the parents and being grateful to it seems to be the essential solution. Actually I hear more and more parents report that their children's diseases were cured in this way.

For future medicine

We become sick to be informed that such "Consciousness" and our disharmonious living or thinking is not right. So we learn from the message of the disease, make our way of living and thinking better, and as a result the disease is cured thoroughly. That is how to essentially cure the disease.
To cure diseases thoroughly, the patients should not depend on the doctors to get their diseases cured but try to know the essential reason for the diseases. Then they should "change the way of living and thinking", and keep making efforts every day for this purpose. It seems very important that doctors support patients not by "curing the diseases," but by "assisting the patients to change their ways of living and thinking" and by "providing them with harmonious energy."
It is important that the above should be taken as something natural and that more and more doctors should put the principle into practice. The final goal for doctors will be "to create a society where no one becomes sick."
"The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Medicine," which was written three thousands years ago, describes as follows.
Low level of doctor can't cure diseases.
General (middle level of) doctor can cure diseases properly.
Excellent (high level of) doctor can cure "un-diseases."

"Curing un-diseases" means that true excellent doctor prevent diseases before people get sick. After all, the doctor will contribute to create the society which people will not get sick.

For the future, it should be indispensable that the doctor is, not only technical expert, but also learning essences for curing diseases, "what is human being suffering disease" and "what is life itself." And it should be the key for curing diseases essentially that one suffering disease ask oneself "if there is disharmonious way of thinking or living or not" and "what can be learned from disease", and try to live more harmoniously.

I would like to share these "medical model for the future", with people as much as possible, to create new medical care.
Please do not hesitate to forward any questions and comments.

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